Neutron Radiography Applications

N-radiography is an excellent tool for non-destructive inspection of electronic, mechanical and ordnance parts and assemblies for:

  • Residual core material

  • Gaps, voids, foreign material, density variations or misalignment of explosives or other hydrogenous materials surrounded by metal

  • Epoxy or potting voids

  • Missing or misplaced O-rings

  • Hydrogenous foreign substances in sealed units

  • Small internal cracks

  • Delaminations

  • Distribution of neutron poisons (e.g. boron, cadmium, hafnium, etc.) in materials

  • Adhesive bonding flaws

  • Blockages in small ECM, EDM, or laser formed channels

    N-radiography is also used for R & D, detection of the limit of hydriding in materials, pre-disassembly failure analyses, and others.